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How to paint basement stairs: 11 steps (with pictures)

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Decide if you want an unconventional design on your stairs. You can simply paint your stairs in a single color, or you can paint the riser a different color than the top of the step. The following are new styles of stair painting:

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Paint the front of the stair and the top in a single color. Stencil a number onto the front of the stair, so that you can see all the numbers when you stand at the bottom. This is a great idea for houses with small children, because they have a reminder every time they use the stairs.

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Paint the stair tops. Then, use paint samples to paint each stair front a different color. You can also alternate between 2 or 3 colors that match your basement dГ©cor.

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Paint the top of the step. Put up colorful, patterned wallpaper on the risers. This part of the stair will have less wear and tear than the top of the step, so the wallpaper will last a long time with some strong glue. Save extra sections of wallpaper to do repairs in the future.

Paint a runner into the stairs. Use a different color for the outside edges of the stair top and riser than the inside portion. Use painter’s tape to keep these sections separate.

Paint the top of the stair. Use bead board on the riser. Bead board is a classic style that adds a professional touch if your basement stairs connect to a well-used section of your house.

Allow your kids to paint the risers. Give them acrylic paints and allow them to come up with their own designs. Protect the risers as you paint the tops of the steps.

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