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How to choose the proper lighting for a basement: 5 steps

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Consider the advantages and disadvantages of the different types of light bulbs. When it comes to lighting, there are 4 bulb types that are most used in the basement setting: incandescent, fluorescent, light-emitting diodes and halogen.

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Incandescent bulbs are very popular because they produce a bright, warm light that helps with creating a comfortable, cozy atmosphere. However, in recent years, they’ve been proven to be energy inefficient and often short-lived. These types of bulbs work best in areas where the lights will be turned on and off frequently, or in areas that have lights with dimmers. If you have concerns about long-term cost or environmental friendliness, forego the incandescent bulbs for more energy-efficient alternatives. Incandescent light bulbs are also being phased out across the world for more efficient alternatives.

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Fluorescent bulbs are quickly becoming the standard in energy efficiency, particularly because they last almost 10 times longer than the popular incandescent bulbs while requiring a third less energy. The main drawback to using fluorescent bulbs is that they give off a harsh white light reminiscent of warehouses and office buildings.

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Light-emitting diodes, or LED lights, are clusters of tiny bulbs with each bulb emitting a strong, beam-type light. LED lights can last over 10 times longer than fluorescent bulbs, but the initial investment is much higher, far more than both fluorescent and incandescent bulbs. This is offset by the high efficiency and low operating cost of LED bulbs.

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Halogen lights are more efficient than incandescent bulbs but not as efficient as fluorescent bulbs. However, halogen lighting produces some of the warmest and most radiant light out of the 4 bulb types. The disadvantage of halogen lighting is that it is limited in application; it works best for track lights and task lighting. If you are going to use halogen lights, it is recommended that you complement them with other types of bulbs.

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