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Finished basement ideas (cool basements)

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Many people love the idea of having a finished basement in their home for a man cave, extra living space, or even an additional bedroom. В Finished basements are always in demand because of the useable square footage and value they add to a home. Versatile and easily customizable it’s easy to see why these spaces are so popular. Trends in using finished basements are always geared towards getting this additional living space to live up to its full potential in helping homeowners address their needs and make their homes as functional as possible.

basement wall finishing ideas


The needs of the family are often the most important factors in deciding how to finish a basement. By determining why the additional space is needed it becomes easier to figure out what it should be used for. The easiest way to do this is to assess what’s lacking in the rest of the house and utilize the finished basement for that. If the upstairs spaces could use an extra bedroom, a dining or entertaining area, or even something as specialized as a music studio or office space taking the unused area in a finished basement and creating those rooms in it is a great and easy alternative to trying to rearrange or even remodel the rest of the house to suit these needs. The most functional way to realize any basement idea is to make sure it adds to the comfort and efficiency of the home.

finished basement ceiling ideas


Finished basement ideas are limited only by the imagination of the homeowner. Finished basement space can easily become an extension of the living space in both function and decor. Media centers, guest bedrooms, apartment-like suites, entertaining spaces, playrooms or laundry rooms are just a few of the popular ways people bring their finished basement ideas to life and transform the extra space into livable space. The planning of the design and placement of furniture can often make the space capable of functioning as several different spaces at once. Multifunctional finished basements are an incredible way to add fun and increase the value of a home.

finishing a basement ideas


In addition to being a convenient way of adding space to a home that’s less destructive than doing extensive renovations to the structure of the house, finishing a basement doesn’t have to break the bank or require a lofty budget. Often times simple decorative fixes like painting the walls or adding rugs can make all the difference in lightening up the space enough to use it for more than just storage.

Cosmetic upgrades like lighting fixtures, Sheetrock, and flooring can easily be used to make the basement decor warm and inviting and helping it flow with the rest of the house. All of these upgrades are simple enough that a willing homeowner could easily do it themselves. Spending a little money on upgrading their existing basement to a finished one is a great investment in the functionality and resale value of a home making it well worth the price, time and effort involved.

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