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Can i diy finish my basement? : homeimprovement

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I'm also and electrical engineer with basic knowledge of home wiring, and I'm actually in the middle of renovating 500 square feet of basement. It's really not that complicated, just time consuming.

finishing a basement yourself


Rigid foam insulation is usually recommended to be laid directly on the foundation walls. Ensure any possible water/moisture problems are properly sealed first.

basement finishing do it yourself


For the framing, make sure you use pressure treated wood for the baseplate since it will be in contact with the concrete floor, regular 2x4s for the rest, and set the wall about an inch away from the basement walls. If you lined the walls with rigid foam insulation, I believe you can but directly against it.

basement wall systems do it yourself


Fire blocking is one thing you may be unfamiliar with, and that's ensuring that there's no direct path for a flame to travel upstairs. Since the framed wall will be offset from the foundation wall by about an inch, you need to cover up this inch gap. This can be done with a combination of 2×4's and expanding foam rated for fire blocking, but I suggest googling it and looking at the various solutions. Contact your local officials who deal with construction codes to understand what is required.

The wiring and finishing pieces I assume you understand, so that's pretty much it! Again, I'm no professional, so certainly fact check what I've stated. You'll definitely save a boat load of money doing it yourself, though. Something like 50-70% of the cost of a renovation is in the labor, so have at it!

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