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Basement remodeling ideas

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Feeling low about the limited height of your basement ceiling? Don’t let a low ceiling stop you from making the most of a

cool unfinished basement ideas


below-grade space. Create the illusion of height by working a little magic on the ceiling with decorative ceiling tiles and

low ceiling basement ideas


panels. DIY-friendly and affordable, ceiling tiles and panels are some of the best basement remodeling ideas for opening up a closed-in space.

ideas for unfinished basements


5 Creative Basement Remodeling Ideas for Low Ceilings

Add light with white – A well-lit room appears more spacious. Let a white ceiling serve as a large reflector, bouncing light back into the room

and evenly spreading illumination to shadowy areas. To avoid the starkness of a white drywall ceiling, add surface texture

with decorative ceiling tiles or panels. They come in a wide range of textures and patterns to polish your ceiling with high

style. White wood grain charm – Lose the sterile basement look in the cozy charm of beadboard or the rich, embossed texture of natural wood grain. Tongue-and-groove planks seamlessly fit together in a track-and-clip

system over an existing ceiling for an open, airy feel. With available retrofit clips, you can also install planks in a drop

ceiling grid.

Create a multilevel ceiling – The sculptured effect of a coffered ceiling makes a room come alive. Three-dimensional panels launch a dramatic interplay of light and shadow to create a visual depth

that makes your ceiling appear higher.

Textural intrigue – An interesting texture overhead will pull the eye upward, creating the impression of a higher ceiling. Natural-looking wood ceiling panels offer many authentic grain patterns – from rustic oak to clear maple – to complement any decorating style.

Add shine to suggest height – Create the illusion of a higher ceiling with the shimmer and glow of decorative metal ceiling tiles. Get this authentic tin ceiling look in one of several metallic finishes.

Drop Ceilings for the Vertically Challenged Room

Drop ceilings are a basement remodeling idea to consider even if your basement has a low ceiling. Today’s suspended ceiling systems need only three inches clearance overhead, so they’ll neatly conceal ductwork and other home systems, with virtually no loss

of ceiling height.

Add these ceiling design tricks to your list of basement remodeling ideas and watch your low ceilings soar to new heights.

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