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Basement man cave

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Cellulose-rich materials like framing lumber and paper-faced drywall provide an ideal habitat for mold when there is even a minimal amount of moisture in your basement. In addition to producing that unpleasant musty odor, airborne mold spores can cause serious respiratory ailments and allergic reactions. First Buffalo Total Basement Finishing uses all inorganic building materials that won’t allow moisture damage or mold growth.

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Install the proper insulation

Insulating your basement walls will help to keep your new living space more comfortable and energy efficient. You might also want to insulate the basement ceiling to reduce sound transmission upstairs.

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The best type of insulation to use in the basement is rigid foam. Unlike fiberglass batt insulation, rigid foam won’t absorb moisture, settle, attract mold or lose its insulating value. Rigid foam insulation has the ability to stop air leaks and provide exceptional R-value and moisture resistance.

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Install a larger window

Is there any chance that your man cave might need to serve as a bedroom? If the answer is yes, then it’s wise to have a small basement window enlarged so that an “egress-compliant” window and exterior window well can be installed. A full-service basement finishing contractor can fill you in on the details. Installing a larger basement window not only fulfills code requirements for a basement bedroom, it also brings much more natural light into the space.

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Choose durable, low-maintenance materials

It’s important to use inorganic materials that won’t support mold. You should also keep in mind that you want your floor and wall surfaces to be as indestructible and low maintenance as possible.

Low-profile, high-strength plastic floor tiles make the perfect material for basement flooring. Though they look surprisingly like ceramic tile, oak parquet or solid wood flooring, these tiles won’t ever warp, cup, or crack. They never require refinishing, and they clean up quickly whether you’re mopping or vacuuming.

Wall panels covered with textured vinyl rather than paper offer similar advantages. Both of these products are carried by Total Basement Finishing dealers.

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