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Basement apartment ideas: how to build a basement apartment

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To function as a separate living space, a basement apartment needs its own bathroom and kitchen (or kitchenette). To handle the electrical requirements of this new space, an electrician will probably want to install at least two new circuits at your main service panel -one for lights and one for receptacles.

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As for the new plumbing, special self-contained basement toilets and compact, high-performance pumps have made it possible to install a basement bathroom without extensive excavation beneath the basement slab.

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A basement finishing specialist will do a better job than a remodeling generalist

The first step to a finished basement is coming up with a plan for finishing the basement. The next step is finding someone to make it happen. To get the best results when finishing a basement, it’s best to hire a contractor who works in basements all the time instead of just occasionally.

A basement finishing specialist can handle the wide range of work your job requires -from waterproofing and egress window installation to plumbing, electrical and insulation work.

With a full-service basement contractor, you can be sure that the best techniques and materials will be used, creating new living space that’s comfortable, attractive, and sure to stay that way for a long time.

Washer & Dryer

An apartment with its own washer & dryer will be much more marketable than an apartment without these appliances. To save space, look for compact stacking models.

Insulation Insulating the basement walls will make the apartment more comfortable and less costly to heat and cool.

Fireplace A gas-fired fireplace with an attractive surround can be a cozy focal point in a basement apartment. Sealed-combustion models can vent directly through an exterior wall, eliminating the expense of a chimney.

Convertible Furniture

Versatility is valued in any apartment, and a convertible sofa/bed enables your apartment to accommodate visitors from time to time. Also consider a drop-leaf table that can quickly turn a living room into a dining room on special occasions.

Closet & storage space

Renters appreciate generously sized closets and extra storage space because these features make it easier to keep an apartment neat and organized.

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