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A palette guide to basement paint colors

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Wall Paint Color:В 1488 Sage Mountain

  • Wall Paint Color: Merlot Red (closest match)
  • Wall Paint Color:В Passion Blue (closest match)
  • Wall Paint Color: Benjamin Moore Red (closest match)
  • Wall Paint Color: Stormy SkyВ (closest match)
  • Wall Paint Color: Bryant Gold (closest match)
  • Wall Paint Color: Sea Star (closest match)
  • The paint colors you go with for a basement will depend on whether you want the space to feel cozy or large. To make a space feel large go for bright colors. For a cozier setting paint the walls with deep dark hues. Lighting can also play a part in how your basement feels: Design Guide: Basement Lighting Ideas and Options.

    painted basement ceiling ideas


    The choice of your basement paint colors also depends on what kind of space you are turning it into. For example a gym would need bright colors, a bar could use more rustic colors, while playrooms would have more colorful color schemes (14 Different Room Ideas For a Basement).

    basement paint ideas


  • Here are some color specific posts to get ideas from:
  • Black basements
  • Red basements
  • Purple basements
  • Blue Basements
  • Grey Basements
  • Important Note: Keep in mind the colors of the ceiling, carpet and any major cabinets/furniture. All of these, together with the wall color, form the color scheme of a room. As you see in the pictures above ” the color palette is not made up just from the wall color but also the ceiling, beams, carpet, etc.

    basement wall paint ideas


    Mix things up with unique features like stamped concrete wall textures, or turning an entire wall into a chalkboard ” have a look here for more basement wall ideas.В 1/2/3/4/5/6/7

    paint ideas for basement


    Here are some neutral paint color ideas ” ideal for most basements:

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