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Diabetic, bunions, orthopedic shoes

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These shoes are awesome! I suffer from sciatica and have been on the hunt for a shoe that helps, or at the very least doesn’t make it worse. I was very skeptical to try a shoe online without trying them on first, especially with the price, but based on the other reviews, I decided to give them a try.

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The first time I tried them on, they felt like they were tailor made for my foot. I know that sounds weird, but so many times I try on a shoe and you have to wiggle and jiggle to get it to fit right. These fit right off the bat. The true test was when I would stand and walk for any length of time. They still felt great and over time, I’m able to walk longer distances without as much pain.

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One of the best features of this shoe is that the laces tighten very easily. So many shoes now days you have to tighten each row up the shoe, but this shoe is made so that you pull the laces and all the eyeletts tighten at once. It’s like how the shoes used to be. They stay tight all day long (you don’t have to retie them 1/2 way through the day). They are a good style and they have a nice weight to them. They aren’t too heavy, but they aren’t feather light either.

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Since I’m so happy with these shoes, I’m going order another pair so that I have an alternate. I’m also going to check out the other styles (maybe tennis shoes). If you are waffling about whether to spend the money for an orthotic type shoe, I highly recommend you do.

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