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Wood pallet american flag – the idea room

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*This is a sponsored post on behalf of Lowes.

I have been wanting to make an American Flag out of a wood pallet for a couple of years now. В I have a long list of projects that I hope to be able to get to (someday) and it feels nice to be able to cross one off of the list. В Will I ever get tired of projects? Ha! I am not sure. I really enjoy creating things and the whole creative process…so I doubt it!

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I have a spot on my back deck that I thought would be a great place to display this flag during the summer for the Fourth of July. В We had picked up a few pallets almost two years ago when we needed some to make my son’s Pallet HeadboardВ and a Wood Pallet Map for his room. В So, I just used what we had left over in our stash. В We picked up the pallets from a local nursery who just gave us a few for free!

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The wood slats can be VERY difficult to remove from the pallet itself due to the long nails they use. В So we just take our saw and cut the wood slats near the end nails and then pull out the nails in the middle. В It takes some elbow grease to get it done…in my case, my husband was a great sport and took care of it. В I used 7 wood boards from the pallet. В Don’t worry if they are beat up…I like that they add some fun texture and an aged look to the map.

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If you don’t have access to a wood pallet, cedar fence post from Lowe’s are perfect for this! В They can be found in the lumber section. В Line up your boards and then staple or nail them to three strips of wood that are on the sides and in the middle of the boards in back. В This will hold all your boards together.

I googled an American Flag and studied it very closely to know how I should paint the wood pallet boards so that it resembled a real flag. В I had one board that was missing a section on the lower corner so I just used that board on the bottom of the flag so that it looked like the flag had a piece missing on the bottom stripe. В I then drew out where I wanted the blue section and the 13 stripes. В I started with a red stripe and ended with a red stripe.

I painted the blue section first and made the bottom of the blue section line up exactly with the bottom of the seventh stripe. В Then I painted the red stripes by starting at the top and moving down. В By the time I had finished painting the red stripes, they had dried enough for me to start painting the white stripes.

When everything has had a chance to dry and cure, you can take some sandpaper and rough it up a bit. В I actually did the roughing up part before I painted the stars on because I was still trying to figure out how big of a star I wanted to do. В I finally just decided to go with a star stencil I had on hand from Martha Stewart. В It ended up being the perfect size for my taste.

We relied heavily on a picture of the American Flag to get the dimensions and the layout of allВ 50 stars as correct as possible. В It ended up being 5 rows of 6 stars with 4 rows of 5 stars in between the rows. В Then when the stars were all painted on and dried we roughed them up a bit too.

To hang the flag, we put a couple of screws on the back and threaded some heavy wire around them so they could act as a picture hanger. В This makes it super easy to hang it up.

Now we are ready to host the Fourth of July BBQ! В Want to see some of our other Fourth of July projects? В Check out these past Idea Room posts:

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