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Is there any difference between a pallet and a skid? – quora

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What is a Pallet?

A pallet has both a top and bottom deck that gives them more stability than skids. Wooden pallets typically consist of three or four stringers that support several deck boards, on top of which goods are placed.Pallets are typically used for items that are in transit, taking them to varying climate conditions.

pallet skid


When choosing a pallet that you want to last, it’s important to take temperature, humidity, and stress into consideration. Wood pallets are susceptible to damage from the elements and overuse. You can read about the benefits of plastic pallets on our Plastic vs Wood Pallets page.

skid pallet


What is a Skid?

A skid is a single-deck loading platform which lacks a bottomdeck. It is a low profile mobile platform which simply rests on pedestalsattached to the deck. Skids were used extensively before the creation of thedouble faced pallet in the 1930’s.

pallet skids


Skids are often used as a permanent foundation forheavy machinery as they have the advantage of being mobile. During World WarII, Skids were used for hauling large amount of supplies, the lack of a bottomdeck allowing them to be pulled through the sand.

wooden skids


Skids used to be preferable for storage because of the lack of bottom deck, but with the introduction of the nestable pallet, that is no longer the case.

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