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How to construct an outdoor wooden pallet couch – pallet idea

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You can easily construct an elegant outdoor couch and a divan a center table using wooden pallets. The process is easy and quick. Here is a guide on how to make the decorative items using a wooden pallet, to add the look , and decoration to your garden.

couch made from wood pallets


Below are the raw materials that you should have to make an outstanding couch.

Wooden pallets that are in good condition and not broken, or with cracks.

  • Quality foam mattress depending on your budget.
  • Nine pallets for constructing the couch and the divan.
  • An extra pallet for making the center table
  • Detailed method of making the three primary sections of the outdoor couch

    The furniture is mainly made up of three major sections, which include;

  • The seat Backrest
  • Cushions How to make the seat
  • You require six pallets to make a good couch seat. However, you should ensure the pallets have the same size. Place three pallets in a horizontal direction on the ground. Make an L shape by putting three other pallets above those in a horizontal direction. Now make a double layer of the seat. The double layer makes the chair stable and firm, besides giving it an elevation. Ensure the seat is sufficiently stable and reliable since it is the primary section of the couch, which is depended on by other parts of the seat for support.

    couch pallet


    How to make the backrest

    Constructing the backrest of the sofa is challenging, but that should not discourage you from making it. The initial step is to dismantle the seat bottom layer and the solid wooden blocks that are on the lower side. You should leave the middle blocks and the top coat. Use three pallets to make the frame of the backrest. Now attach the frame to the top layer, but ensure they are perpendicular to each other. The three pallets of the frame might not cover the whole seat, but it should not worry you. To fix the problem, construct a divan at one side of the L-shaped seat.

    pallet couch ideas


    Decoration of the couch

    Your couch is ready to buy you need to give it a shiny and finish appearance by varnishing the decorative. Cut your mattress to the size of the seat and the back and tuck using tucking pins/nails. Then cover the mattress with favorite fabric or leather sheet. Besides, you can now add stylish and classy cushions and throw pillows, to make the couch attractive.

    pallet wood couch


    wood pallet couches


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