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Uv outdoor fence screen attachemnt zip ties

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Quick and Easy to Install: Low insertion and pull-through force.

Designed with an Angled Tail: Provides quicker initial insertion alignment, and tail finger grips allow easier handling & tightening.

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Stronger: High Tensile Strength is achieved from one piece extrusion and advanced teeth design, for secure locking attachment.

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Safer: Rounded Edges provide added safety and eliminates insulation damage.

Purer Nylon: Manufactured from filtered nylon, reducing particle contamination.

Formulated Molding Process: Ensures consistent strength throughout fastener.

FenceScreen Screen fasteners are specifically designed for locking fence windscreen material to the fence. The Fasteners feed through the grommet spacing and securely attach to the fence. Our all-weather fasteners protect the fence from rust and corrosion and prevent loosening from all climate weather conditions. The High Tensile strength is designed to hold up to all outdoor elements and are designed to break away during high wind stress. FenceScreen UV Screen Fasteners are the most popular method for attaching screen to a fence. Our Screen Fasteners make installing your fence screen panels simple, fast, and secure. MADE IN AMERICA.

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Fastener Tie Options

Available in three types/sizes of fasteners to suit any installation need:

L7 Fasteners: 7″ Commercial Grade Fasteners (100 Pack) for Standard Series screens, Netting, and Moderate Duty installations. They have a 50lb Tensile Break Strength, and are designed to break away and reduce damage to the fence in sudden high wind situations. Fits post diameters 1-7/8″ or smaller.

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L8 Fasteners: 8″ Industrial Grade Heavy Duty Fasteners (100 Pack) are designed for maximum holding strength. With a super strong 120lb Tensile Break Strength, L8 Fasteners are best suited for Professional Series Screens and Heavy Duty installations, where a strong, secure fit is crucial. Fits post diameters 2-1/4″ or smaller.

wooden garden fences and gates


L14 Fasteners: 14″ Extra-Long Commercial Grade Fasteners (100) for Standard Series screens, Netting, and Moderate Duty installations where extra length is required for attachment, such as Wrought Iron fences, or any non-standard fence mounting points. They have a 50lb Tensile Break Strength. Fits post diameters 3-3/4″ or smaller.

  • Other Fastener Options
  • Gavanized Steel Hog Rings
  • Lacing Cord

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