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Utility poles – unframed cca

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One of American Timber and Steel’s fastest growing lines is our Utility Poles. While we have continued to expand our stock of CCA treated poles, we are now proud to offer Creosote treated poles as well.

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All of our stocked poles are made from American grown, Southern Yellow Pine. Southern Pine is one of the strongest softwoods in the world. These poles not only serve as excellent Utility Poles, but they also work great for light poles, barn poles, and have many other uses. Our poles are used in sports complexes throughout the country to support nets around golf courses, driving ranges, and baseball fields to protect people and their property from the errant ball.

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We stock Utility Poles across the eastern United States in several classes, up to 55′ in length, treated with CCA to a retention of .60 lbs. per cubic foot.

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With this retention, you can expect decades of service life out of your poles. We also can custom treat your poles to a higher chemical retention, including the American Wood Preservers Association Standards of 0.80 lbs. per cubic foot, 2.5 lbs. per cubic foot, or nearly any retention your job may require.

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We have Creosote Treated Utility Poles available up to 60′ in most classes. All of our Creosoted poles are treated to a retention of 9.0 pounds per cubic foot as specified by the American Wood Preservers Association Standards. The Creosote poles are also pre-framed to the RUS M20 standard.

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