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How to make a bay window seat cushion

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If you are lucky enough to have recently purchased a house with a bay window you will want some cushions to make it cozy. Or, you may merely want to make a new cushion because you are redecorating the area. Many times the children have spilled something on the cushion and it is stained and dirty looking. Well, you can make your own bay window seat cushion in this DIY project.

bay window cushion singapore


Patterns First, you need to use a large sheet of paper to make a pattern of the shape of the area. Use a ruler to measure each side or each angle of the bay window seating area.

custom bay window cushions


Then, using a pencil held against the ruler to draw the correct length in a straight line. Do this for each length, the width and the depth. Cut out the pattern with scissors. Check to see if it fits the bay window area as you would like it.

bay window cushion seat


Purchase a piece of plywood big enough for your pattern to fit. Place the paper pattern on the plywood and trace the pattern with a magic marker. Cut out the shape with a circular saw.

cushion for bay window


At this point you need to decide what kind of material you would like to use as the cover of your cushion. The easiest material would be a plain fabric with no stripes or patterns. Measure your pattern to decide how many yards you need to purchase.

Take the pattern with you to the fabric store if you are having problems with this. The sales people are very helpful. They can also show you fabrics that wear well or that may be washed or dry cleaned. You need to choose a fabric with the weight and texture that is proper for how it will be used and who will use it as a bay window seat cushion.

Stuffing You will now need to decide what stuffing you are going to use for your cushion. Memory foam is very popular now. New memory foams are available that do not lose their shape with use.

Regular foam is still very popular, too. However, if you use any foam, you will want to cover the foam with batting material which will be found at a fabric store, also. This will make a more comfortable seat, keep its shape and will help your bay window seat cushion look more professional in the long run. Cut the foam a bit smaller that your pattern. Cut the batting larger than the patters so it can be wrapped to cover all of the foam.

Now, to begin your cushion, place the wrapped foam on the plywood shape and adjust to fit properly. Lay the material over the foam and batting. It needs to be long enough to extend over and under the plywood.

Buttons At this point you may apply decorative buttons to give the cushion a more professional look by adding buttons strategically placed through out the cushion. Using a magic marker, mark the spot where you want the button on both sides of the cushion.

Then, using upholstery thread, sew on the buttons. Adjust the length of the thread between buttons depending on how deep you like the dimple effect of the button. This will also hold the layers together.

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