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Bay window seat cushions

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Window actually becomes one of the challenging spot in the home to decorate. Window most likely leaves some space beneath it unnoticed whereas this space can be transformed to be functional spot in your house. Making bay window seat is a creative way to make this space into your favorite spot at home. This area usually will appear likes a nook inside the house which does not only provide comfortable area for relaxing but also enhance the look of entire room. It is usually used as a place to read, enjoy cup of a tea, or simply enjoying the outside view after your busy day.

custom cushions for bay window seat


Creating seating spot in window area can be implemented in various rooms in the house such as family room, kitchen, and home office. Although it comes to give extra comfort in any room but each window seat in different room may provide different function as well. For instance, if you want to place it in home office, you can use it not only for seating but also extra storage. With different function, you will require different types of seat for this seating area. Besides, it will affect on the materials which are used to create it.

bay window bench seat cushion


Bay Window Seat Cushion

Cushion cannot be separated from any bay window seat. Cushions can make this seating area to be more comfortable since it helps you to lean on or just curling up with it whenever you sit there. They can be an effective way to enhance the look of the seating but also to whole room. You can add color or pattern in the room with cushions. For instance, ruffled-cushions can emphasize traditional look in the room.

cushion for bay window seat


Bay Window Seating Bench with Storage

Window seat also can be designed as functional as possible especially in the small room. You can take benefit of every single inch in this area to be efficient such as by providing extra storage in the room beneath seat. For this kind of function, you can select a bench which is designed specifically with storage to be place under the window. This storage can be used to keep shoes, books, and other household goods.

bay window seat cushion


Bay Window Seating in the Kitchen

Bay window seat can serve as less formal seating area in the kitchen. With kitchen appearance that most likely comes in well-ordered, this kind of seating provides comfortable spot in this room. In small kitchen, it also can be transformed into compact dining area by adding table and a couple of chairs across this bay window. While kitchen commonly less of colour and pattern, fabrics and cushions used in this area can overcome this problem.

Bay Window Bench Seat

There are myriad options of bench that you can use to complete the bay window. Round cushy bench as an example is perfect if you want to provide ultimate comfortable seating in round window area. Meanwhile, bench with storage or shelving under the seat is good to add extra storage in the room. However, for small room you can try to use simple built-in bench due so that you can fold it when not used.

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