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Picnic table and bench

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There are few things better than enjoying a tasty meal outdoors with friends, family, strangers, and the like. Orchestrating such a feat requires a ton of planning and coordination. The last thing that anyone taking this on wants to worry about is where they and or their food will sit. The Workplace Depot is excited to offer the Picnic Table and Bench, a comfortable and practical table and sitting area for park goers, spectators, and any other outdoor occupants. The picnic table and bench comes in numerous colors and is made of recycled and recyclable plastics. The picnic table and benches all bolt to the ground so that they are sturdy and theft resistant. Depending on the model, the benches or seats can comfortably sit 6 to 8 people around the picnic table.

toddler picnic bench


What is the Purpose of a Picnic Table and Bench?

The picnic table and bench is specifically designed for maximum outdoors enjoyment. The picnic table and bench is a great place to set up basecamp at playgrounds, parks, and camping areas. It can provide seating for general park goers or any other pedestrians looking to have a seat outdoors.The picnic table and bench is made of dependable and tough materials so that people can sit on them for years to come. The picnic table and benches are resistant to vandalism and theft thanks to it easily fastening securely to the ground. The combo comes in many different colors so it will work in any color scheme.

heavy duty plastic picnic tables


Where Can This Product be Used?

The picnic table and bench works great on any outdoors level surface. In terms of specific places that would do well with a picnic table and bench, universities, parks, outdoor eating space at office buildings, and any other place that have need more places to sit. Depending on the model, the combo can comfortably sit either six or eight occupants. Seating can either be a backless seat or a full on bench with a back.

picnic table style dining set


Who Might Use This Product?

The picnic table and bench truly provides a wonderful place for schools, office buildings, and many other places with ample amounts of occupants to have sit down at. Not matter if it’s a park,public or private courtyard, a playground, or another type of outdoor space, this picnic table and bench combo makes being outside comfortable and easy.

picnic table bench combo plan


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