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Event planning guide

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General Policies

If you are having a barbeque in an outdoor location, other than the Kresge Barbeque Pits, you will need to complete an Institute Barbeque Permit, http://ehs.mit.edu/site/content/barbecue-safety-guidelines.

pub bench seating


Please refer to the “Outdoor Music Policy” section of the site for sound guidelines.

If you need furniture or a tent, you will need to arrange rentals with CAC.

You may need to make arrangements with a CAC manager around issues trash and recycling.

Kresge Barbecue Pits

The four Barbecue Pits (numbered 1 through 4) are located between Kresge Auditorium (W16) and Amherst Street near the Kresge Parking Lot. Each pit services approximately 100 people and has a grill and picnic table. CAC will provide two tables per pit for food preparation at the Barbecue Pits; however, they are unable to provide tables and chairs for seating. If you require seating, contact CAC for rental arrangements and prices. A Police at MIT detail and roped off area are required if alcohol is served (See section on MIT Police). Please note that the Barbecue Pits are only open from April 1st to November 1st. Groups need to bring their own grilling supplies, including charcoal and a way to light it. Groups need to place bagged trash from events in the dumpster behind Kresge. Do not place hot coals in Kresge dumpster. For large-scale events, contact CAC to arrange trash removal.

picnic table with built in bbq


Kresge Oval, Kresge Lawn, Stratton Student Center Steps, and Stratton Student Center Plaza

These spaces are available on a limited basis from CAC for specially approved events. The area in front of the Stratton Student Center (known as the Student Center Steps and Stratton Student Center Plaza) and lawn areas (Kresge Oval and Kresge Lawn) may be reserved separately or together for large outdoor events. There are several electrical outlets at both areas available for sound systems. Check with CAC to see if outlets will meet power needs of event.

8 foot wood picnic table


Walker Lawn, McDermott Court

These spaces are available for outdoor events such as barbeques, celebrations, and other special events. The green space between Walker and the Hayden Library is Walker Lawn. The “Dot” between Walker and the Green Building is McDermott Court. Please be aware that lighter fluid cannot be used in this area, however with appropriate approvals, propane and alternative lighting methods of charcoal (http://www.virtualweberbullet.com/chimney.html#alternatives) can be used. If you need furniture or a tent, you will need to arrange rentals with CAC.

outdoor picnic tables and benches


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