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Lucky bamboo stalks, lucky bamboo arrangements and accessories

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This arrangement features three 8″ spiral stalks, one, 8″ straight stalk, and three 6″ straight stalks…

cold hardy bamboo


This playful bubble votive favor will bring energy and color to your party. With all the different colors…

bamboo yard


Customize your own lucky bamboo arrangement with your choice of …

Add an elegant touch to your event with this favor. Our smaller, less expensive simple square favor…

sushi bamboo


About Lucky Bamboo

Traditional Feng Shui practitioners believe that the number of lucky bamboo stalks has meaning when put together in an arrangement, especially when given as gift. Below are some common interpretations. Despite these interpretations, almost any number of stalks in a lucky bamboo arrangement imparts luck or fortune in some way.

bamboo pen


  • Meaning of Lucky Bamboo Stalk Numbers
  • 2 lucky bamboo – represents love
  • 3 lucky bamboo – represents happiness
  • 5 lucky bamboo – conveys good health
  • 6 lucky bamboo – more happiness
  • 7 lucky bamboo – seven is always thought of a lucky number

    8 lucky bamboo – In Asian culture, the number 8 conveys luck of wealth.

    9 lucky bamboo – conveys good fortune

    21 lucky bamboo – encompasses all (health, happiness, wealth, and fortune)

    Placement Lucky bamboo placement is always a popular topic. However, there is no particularly set location that one should place a lucky bamboo arrangement. Simply choose a spot that helps balance the space. Just putting it on your desk, will immediately bring life to your workstation and add vitality.

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