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Least dangerous bamboo privacy screen?

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There is a link to an article that flat out says bamboo is to be avoided.

Bottom line of the article:

“Bamboo may seem like an attractive garden option, but it poses serious problems. Stick to a lucky bamboo in a small indoor pot, or avoid growing bamboo altogether “

living bamboo


There are also videos on youtube of bamboo nightmares.

This guy said he planted a few bamboo plants and fast forward 10 years and now he has an out of control forest that has destroyed his property.

bamboo in china



The clumping varieties are supposed to be less dangerous, but the article below says that even clumping varieties can be risky.

golden goddess bamboo


So, if I were to still consider planting bamboo, what are the safest varieties that will do what I want or is there a risk in every type of bamboo suitable for a privacy screen?

I need to block the view from the upstairs neighbors windows and will relocate the small emerald green Thujas shown with something else that grow to size much faster.

It needs to fit in a 36 inch deep space, grow upwards to over 12ft feet and grow thick and close enough together to effectively block the view from the neighbors windows without spreading uncontrollably and ending up on the other side of the fence.

Since it is only 3 feet deep space between the fence and the flagstone patio, wouldn’t even a “clumping” variety possibly spread and pop up new growth on the other side of the wood fence when in such a narrow area?

I’m in California in borderline zone 8 to zone 9..

Summers are hot and dry, but winters can get below 20 degrees at night for at least the deepest part of the middle of winter.

I’m thinking about Fargesia robusta. Is there a better choice for the area in the photo?

Here is a link that might be useful: Dangerous Risk Of Planting Bamboo

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